Hello, My name is Necdet ,  I enjoy traveling and discovering new places. In particular, I have a special attention to the history of civilizations. Therefore , I've traveled to many ancient cities in Turkey  and  eventually decided to study in guiding tour department.

Because Turkey is one of the a few  historicial country in the world. it is called as a , 'Cradle of Civilizations


F​irstly I worked in southern coast of Turkey. In south region of Turkey, there are a lot of ancient cities and ruins like Side, Aspendos, Perge, Phalises etc. Furthermore There are many natural beauties like high mountains , waterfalls , rivers and caves.



I like this beautiful city Antalya. But my favorite is the historic city of Istanbul. That is why I moved to Istanbul. I have been guiding in Istanbul since 2008. This city was the capital of two great civilizations. Eastern Roman(Byzantine) and Ottoman empires. You can see the deep traces of the two civilizations in istanbul.


I like to share my cultural and historicial informations with my guests. it is my favorite to discover hidden and old places and prepare some specific informations for my guests. I have guided many people from all over the world . I know people What they want during their vacation. so I attach importance to be on time in meeting point and make my tours more flexible than regular tours and choose the best and local foods and local bazaars.


I'll be very happy to guide you in this beautiful city.

Important Note: ***In accordance with the recent amendments of laws regarding tour guiding in Turkey, the guides are not allowed to directly sell tours. So, please note that the tours quaranteed here are to be by means of an officialy registered A Class Tourism & Travel Agency.

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